High Flying advertising photographerAndrew Hancock

A fascinating tale about the life and times of Andrew Hancock

Advertising Photographer Andrew HancockA little bit about me. Some things you may know, and some you wont know!

I am an advertising and editorial photographer currently based out of Indianapolis. I am a Nikon Ambassador with a passion for creating dynamic visuals for a broad range of clients both domestic and abroad. My work has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated nine times as well as the covers of TIME magazine, Autoweek, Sports Illustrated Kids, Sports Illustrated Latino and Nikon World. Beyond the printed page, his work has also been displayed on buses, billboards, buildings and stadiums.

While I do a substantial amount of work in the world of sport, I make it a point to remain incredibly diverse not only in subject matter but also in client base. This diversity well suits my ADD tendencies. However, don’t let that fool you – I am incredibly focused with a work ethic that is hard for anyone to match.

My degree is in journalism from Texas A&M University and I am an alum of the Eddie Adams Workshop. All of my college internships were as a writer. I have won many awards for my work as a photojournalist, multimedia storyteller and for advertising photography. I have also won a chili cookoff and have a trophy to show for it. I also took third place in that chili cookoff as well with my second entry.

I believe that chivalry is not dead and I still open the door (including car door) for my wife…even when she nags me. I believe in looking someone in the eye and not only speaking but acting with honesty and integrity.

Little known facts about me:

The first freelance assignment for a publication that I ever shot was for a supermarket tabloid. I made the “Prophecy 2004” edition of the Weekly World News. Yes, that Weekly World News. When the photos were submitted, they asked how I would like to be credited. I requested no credit…just a check. Yes, the assignment involved aliens. No, I did not see any. Yes, there was an alien photoshopped in a photo I took.

The first photo I ever sold as a print was a night shot of the Ballpark at Arlington in black and white.

My first camera was a Fisher Price Kodak 110 camera. I blew through film something fierce with that camera as a kid. No idea where the negatives are now. However, the one thing that I shot through faster than the film were the flash packs. Both are pretty indicative of how I tend to shoot now. Lots of light and I can be heavy on the trigger.

I was in two different bands in college. We were horrible but I had fun. I was also in an acoustic duo. I got stage fright on our first public gig and we never played again.

I met my wife at a Wal-Mart. We have been together and married over a decade and have a beautiful little girl.Blog_20151stimage

I am addicted to footwear. I have around 23 different pairs of shoes/boots that I currently wear. My favorite thing to wear is a pair of custom M.L. Leddy cowboys boots that I custom designed. After that it is a tossup between a pair of olive green chukkahs, neon yellow suede wing tips or a pair of metallic silver Adidas Y-3 flats.

When I accepted my first newspaper job right out of college, I did so sight unseen. I did my interview over the phone and accepted the position over the phone. I had never been to Indiana in my life but knew this is what I was meant to do – so I went.

During my college photography classes, I never shot a portrait assignment. I willingly took a zero on every assignment. Early on I absolutely hated and despised photographing people. All I wanted to shoot were concerts and sports. My first SI cover? A portrait. Now it is one of the things I am most passionate about.

Advertising Photographer Andrew HancockThe first digital camera I worked on was a Nikon D1H. I had to shoot basketball in dimly lit gyms and night football with this camera. If that wasnt hard enough, I used it along with an old manual focus 300mm f2.8 lens to shoot a full season of the Indianapolis Colts home games at the old RCA Dome.

Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock

Photographers who I grew up admiring and who have had a direct impact on how I see and how I shoot. Bill Frakes, Walter Iooss, Neil Leifer, Heinz Kluetmeier, Joe McNally, Steve McCurry, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon.