Andrew Hancock - Commercial and Advertising photographer - G - Team Ambassador

Andrew Hancock joins forces with G-Technology to be their new G-TEAM Ambassador

For those that know me, you know how dedicated and passionate I am about making pictures – whether they be of the still or motion variety. I love capturing moments in a fraction of a second and in motion over several seconds. I love seeing the world come to life on paper or a screen through my lens. Those that know me also know that I work with the equipment and the people that I trust. My success and livelihood is attached to every piece of equipment that I own from the camera to the computer and then to the archive. For the last generation, their moments were all saved and stored in 3-ring binders and in filing cabinets. Now they reside in stacks of hard drives.

Andrew Hancock - Commercial and Advertising photographer - G - Team AmbassadorI have used most every brand of hard drive in my career. I have also had hard drives fail on me over the years. The first external hard drive I ever purchased was for a 12 inch mac book pro back in 2004. It was a G-Technology drive.  At the time it had blazing fast Firewire 400 connectivity. Over the years I have had far too many drives fail on me. However, the one drive that still plugs away is that very first G-Tech drive. Looking at that very first purchase through all the drives and all the brands I have purchased over the last 10 years I began to see more and more G-TECH drives appearing in my collection. The reason for that? I trust them.

Andrew Hancock - Commercial and Advertising photographer - G - Team AmbassadorThat notion is paramount for my business. I need speed and I need to work with equipment I can trust. When it comes to storage, that notion is paramount. You never know when you will need an image much the same way you never knew when you would need something off an old roll of film in the filing cabinet. My body of work is in constant development and I need it all to be secure and safe. For those and other reasons, I am beyond blessed and honored to be added to the insanely talented roster of photographers and videographers that make up the  G-TEAM Ambassador program. I am incredibly humbled and fortunate to be associated with such a fantastic collection of visionaries and to be associated with the absolute best storage company in the world with G-Technology!

Please spend some time at the G-TEAM site and get to know this stellar roster of creatives!!! (My profile is there too if you want to check it out.)

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