Don’t miss the annual UPAA Technical Symposium

University photographers, mark you calendars! You wont want to miss the annual UPAA Technical Symposium this year hosted by the University of Michigan. There is an incredible roster of speakers and workshops and I am honored and thrilled to be taking part in the presentations this year.

You will be hard pressed to find a more stellar lineup of presenters. Each of these photographers I have looked up to and admired for years – and I continue to do so today. All tremendous storytellers and each one individually makes attending this workshop a must.

Joe McNally. Peter Turnley. David Turnley. David Hume Kennerly. Deanne Fitzmaurice. All rockstars.

The last day of the workshop I am scheduled to give two presentations/seminars on arena lighting and remote camera photography. If you are planning on attending and have any questions for me in advance on what you want to see or what technical issues you have faced that I can help address, please do let me know!




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