Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock photographs Thailand

My review of the Nikon 1 v3 (with pictures)

I like many of you have been hearing a lot about mirrorless cameras recently. The advancements in technology they introduce are substantial. That being said, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about and decided to pick up the Nikon1V3. This multi-lens system is the ideal solution for those who expect more out of their photography because lets face it, while our phones certainly are handy and quick, they leave a lot to be desired in regards to image quality and control – especially if the end result is more than just a quick electronic share. I want a file that I can put on my wall and I want the best.

Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock photographs Lantern Festival in ThailandFor me, one major benefit is the ability to use all my F-Mount lenses with the system by incorporating the FT-1 adapter. While this allows for a 2.7 magnification of your F-Mount lens giving you substantially more reach – ideal for things like birding and wildlife photography.

With this camera, one thing you dont get is a standard optical viewfinder. You either get the image on the screen or use an attached digital viewfinder. While my eyes much prefer an optical viewfinder over a digital one, this camera systems really is a joy to work with and carry around. It is incredibly light weight compared to the DSLRs that I typically have on my shoulders or around my neck and it still packs quite a punch. 20fps, touch screen that you can maneuver until multiple positions and 18.4 megapixels are incredibly impressive out of such a small package – not to mention the fact that it offers both jpeg and RAW NEF files.

I have a camera with me everywhere I go. For me, my iPhone just doesn’t cut it for photos. While it is certainly handy, it lacks the control that I demand and expect. When I come across a scene worthy of a photograph, I want to capture what my mind and my eye sees in front of me and in order to do so, I need a proper camera. Something that I can control manually and something that has the features I need and a quality sensor I can count on and this camera delivers that in a ultra light package that you really can take anywhere.

Another feature I absolutely love is the built in wi-fi. Previously, I would have to get back to a computer to transfer the files and then upload to share them with friends via email, text and on social media. Now I can use the built-in wifi and transmit photos directly from the camera immediately after capture straight to my phone by using the Nikon Wireless Media Utility app. From there I can share immediately or process the file using Snapseed and then text it to family and friends or put it up on social media instantly.

BLOG_Nikon1v3_MOver the past few months I tested the camera out on the Schiller Ranch in Texas, hiking through a nature preserve with my wife and daughter and also on assignment in Thailand. I grew more impressed with this package each time I put it to use.

BLOG_Nikon1V3_bkFor those looking to put the camera through extreme conditions, there is also the Nikon1AW1 that is waterproof, freeze proof and can handle a little more abuse.

If you are looking for a mirrors camera that will perform at a DSLR level, this is a system worth checking out. However, if you are someone like me that has to have a camera everywhere you go and you want a versatile light weight solution, this is the system for you…it certainly is for me.




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