My Photo Partners

NikonWhy I use Nikon

When it comes to the equipment I choose to make my photos, I demand excellence and performance. I have to trust what I have in my hands to not only capture what I see, but equipment that allows me to push my creativity as far as I possibly can. That equipment is Nikon. I can say that without question because I have used multiple camera systems during my career. For my money and for my reputation, no DSLR system I have ever picked up can do and perform at the level with what Nikon has been producing. My clients expect the best out of me and I in turn expect the best out of my equipment. Anything less in either instance is entirely unacceptable.

Whether it is speed or resolution, Nikon has a solution for every situation. I know that I can push the camera and lenses to their limits and work them as hard as possible and they will respond. Of the 89 current Nikkor lenses, I know that there is at least one lens solution that will meet virtually any idea I can dream up in my mind. As for the sensors and camera functions, there is no competition. Between having the best sensors at my disposal with incredible features like in-camera wi-fi, I can share my images instantly. This is an incredible time in photography and Nikon keeps making it more and more exciting.

My trust with Nikon extends beyond the still photo but also to motion pictures as well. The quality of the file that the Nikon sensors can produce off of the D4s and the D810 are incredible. Pair that with incredible features like the flat picture control profile and you get a quality file that gives you substantial latitude when it comes to post processing.

Bottom line is Nikon is all in with making pictures. That is their focus and it is as paramount to them as making pictures is to me. The support that Nikon Professional Services provides keeps me equipped with exactly what I need if I ever need additional equipment for a project or in the situation where a piece of equipment becomes damaged during a shoot or from transportation. Because of that and so much more, they have my trust.


Why I use G-Technology

Capturing the image is only part of the business of being a photographer. After I have captured the image, it has to go somewhere. With the insane file sizes and speed of my cameras, I create a substantial amount of content every time I pick up a camera and all that data has to go somewhere. If you are like me, you have a lot of content to back up. If you are getting into photography, you will quickly learn that your computer hard drive can be full before you know it. You need to keep your data backed up and safe. Gone are the days of negatives in paper folders or in filing cabinets and now we live in a world with shelves full of hard drives. However, a proper data solution goes far beyond just terabytes. I need something that is strong, stable, rugged and fast. I have stored my images on just about every brand of hard drive that is made. I have also had multiple drives fail. That is also why one company in particular has earned my trust thanks to the reliability and high speed performance of their product. That company is G-Technology. My entire business is built on speed. I can only move as fast as my slowest part and G-Technology makes sure that slow part is not my data management. From ingest to backup, G-TECH keeps me moving as fast as possible and my data always secure. They make the absolute best storage solutions for a photographer on the road and all of those solutions work seamlessly with the my office archive solutions. That way when I am back out on the road, I know exactly where my images are and that they are safe, secure and ready to be accessed at a moments notice.

Why does speed matter so much to me when it comes to my data management? It means more time with my client or more time shooting as I wont be sitting down at a computer. I got in this business to make pictures so the more time I can spend doing just that, the better. Why does it matter so much when I am at home? It means less time in front of a screen and more time playing with my daughter and spending time with my wife.

For my money there is no better storage solution made than the products made by G-TECH.