Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock photographs a boxer in Thailand

My take on the Nikon D750

Nikon D750 – Initial impressions

The cameras I use more than anything else in my kit are the D810 and the D4s. The combination of those systems can handle anything I can throw at them and I am constantly pushing them to their limits and they allow me to push myself to my creative limits. Whether it is speed, durability, low light performance or high resolution, they do it all and do it better than any other cameras I have ever held in my hands. They are flagship cameras for a reason. However, as technology advances and new features are announced in other camera bodies, there are times I find myself wishing for a feature or function to be plucked from one of those other cameras and put into my D810 or D4s. Additionally, the D4s and the D810 offer too much speed or too much resolution than many photographers will need along with a higher price tag that comes with using the top of the line equipment.

Enter the D750

Major congratulations to Nikon for this brand new body. This incredible camera fits nicely between the D810 and the D4s in terms of its offerings for resolution and speed. However this camera is much more than that. It has several features that really make it a special camera for me and have secured its place in heavy rotation in my bag and on the road.

Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock photographs a Cowboys game for Sports Illustrated

An Image from the D750 at the Cowboys vs Lions playoff game for Sports Illustrated

What I love about this camera.

Advertising Photographer Andrew Hancock photographs a worker in Thailand

The D750 in action in Thailand

The 24.3 megapixel sensor. Dont take just my word on it…do yourself a favor and go check out the great work done by the folks at DxOMark – It is another remarkable sensor from the engineers at Nikon. Too often I see people get worked up about megapixels and frames per second. Those are all fine and great but quality is more important to me than quantity. If a camera is the fastest or the highest resolution, I am only mildly impressed. I want to know how well the sensor will perform in the real world and how it will best benefit me. If I have the fastest camera with a bad sensor, I am going to just have a lot of photos with disappointing quality. I want and expect the best possible file out of my camera and Nikon is consistently producing that. It is one of many reasons I count on their gear to make my living. It is a relationship built on excellence but most importantly a relationship built on trust.

Moveable LCD screen. Why it matters to me – I am constantly wanting to put my camera in different positions for a more engaging and dramatic perspective. Sometimes it is on the ground and sometimes it is above my head or being used as a remote and in a position where I cant physically get behind the camera to look through the viewfinder. This is a major feature for those of us constantly pushing ourselves for a different angle. It makes shooting with the camera on the ground or above the head much easier and more reliable. Gone are the days of the Hail Mary with the camera above your head shooting down onto a scene below and right in front of you. Now you can see exactly what you are shooting and get a proper composition right from the start.

Built-In WiFi. Sharing images is at the core of my business. Whether it is getting them to the client or sharing them with friends, family, clients or social media, I want people to see and enjoy the images I make. The world and my business revolve around speed so the faster I can get images out, the better. With the built in wifi, I can quickly transmit images to my phone or tablet and then share them with an art director across the country or the world for review. I can get them to an editor for quickly posting online from an event or posting the images on social media for the world to see.

The D750 is a great bridge for those torn between the D810 and the D4s. Don’t just take my word on it…Popular Photography named it Camera of the Year for 2014!



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